Integral Blinds Are the Best Solution for Double Glazed Bifold Doors

Bifold doors permit an unhindered view of the outsides and are the best choice, especially where space is at a premium. One may opt for single glazed bifold doors or for double glazed types. The latter is especially advantageous from energy conservation and acoustic insulation perspectives.

Regardless, one must consider the choice of blinds for bifold doors. Blinds are necessary when one wishes to cut out the light. One can opt for curtains as the easiest way to create privacy but curtains can impede the view when the doors are opened. Venetian blinds may be considered but these present their own set of problems. Adding blinds creates disharmony in the visual composition and mars looks especially when the doors are folded back. Operating such blinds can also be a bit of bother. External blinds also need to be cleaned and maintained. The solution is to opt for integral blinds in double glazed bifold doors. At one stroke all the issues are taken care of without hindering the convenience of blinds.

Instead of ordering double glazed bifold doors and then adding blinds as an afterthought it is wiser to order such doors with integral blinds for a neater, smarter and ergonomic solution that looks neat as well.

Manufacturers of quality bifold doors incorporate the blind into the glazing, fitting it neatly inside the frame so that it does not become an obstruction when one opens the door or gets in the way or gets tangled up and damaged in the process. The blinds are cut and precisely fitted inside the sectional frame to conform to the size of the glass glazing and the mechanism is neat and integrates well with the overall structure. Such integral blinds work smoothly and never get in the way of closing or opening the bifold doors.

In the case of double glazed bifold doors the solution to integrate the blind between the glass panels is even better because then, the blinds remain fully enclosed and never need cleaning. A magnetic system permits opening or closing of the blinds by the simple expedient of sliding an unobtrusive lever. There is no need for cord or rods. The look is much improved when blinds are sandwiched between the glass panels. From the health perspective too, enclosed blind prevent accumulation of bacteria and dirt, which is another reason to consider this type of blinds for doors and windows.

If one considers installation of new bifolds then it is best to order such doors with integral blinds. Functionality and aesthetics improve with such integrated blinds. If one already has single paned bifolds then it is a good idea to get a retrofit of double glazing with integrated blinds. It does represent some investment but the lasting improvements will give so much ease of use as well as value addition to the house. The current trend is towards minimalism and clean, neat lines in interiors. Integral blinds exemplify this trend, resolving all aesthetic and practical considerations in one simple, single stroke.